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I began coaching sessions at a turning point where I was forced to turn down a dream job and faced with the choice of returning to an original career in communications, take up a term-time position to fit around lone-parenting or to take a leap into reinventing my own wellbeing business. 


Bianca skilfully guided me to understand the value of my offering and gave me strategies to prioritise my own wellbeing, safeguarding some time for myself and build the confidence needed to step out alone with a new way of working which uses my most recent skills and interests yet in a way that fits around my parental commitments. 


I find it incredible to reflect that in the course of five months, I have transitioned from feeling trapped to feeling liberated, confident and firmly on a new career path which has limitless opportunities.  Without the guidance of Bianca, I am certain I would have sold out and made a choice which felt like the logical, easier option but ultimately would have left me deeply unfulfilled. I am so grateful to Bianca for restoring my confidence, taking time to get to know me and for believing in me. 

— Sarita Wellbeing, Ware


"From the start, Bianca was helpful and attentive. It really helped to be able to “think aloud” and to run my ideas and thoughts past her. These sessions helped me feel more calm and confident and gave me the space to think about where I want to get to. 
I liked how Bianca would push me if I wasn't sure of my goals and asked pertinent questions that would help me think further, and come up with solutions to problems I wouldn't have had otherwise. 
I would highly recommend Bianca as a coach to anyone as she is a good listener and really helped to motivate me"

— Jessica Farnham

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As an entrepeneur Bianca has

I’m an entrepeneur with an online business and always have new ideas pop into my head. In

the past I would feel frustrated as I could see the benefit a new idea/service will have but I

felt I didn’t have the time to research or build it – I always thought “if only I had someone to

help me then I could…”. It also meant that I often left projects unfinished because I would

get side tracked researching the new ideas.

With Bianca’s help I’ve managed to organise my time and prioritise things to the extent that

I am pretty much doing 2 people’s work and still having free time! I now have a very

structured way of looking at new ideas and am a lot more efficient in researching their

viability. I

— Maryke Lowe


I worked with Bianca to help me gain some clarity on where I wanted to take my career.  I found her to be a fantastic coach and sounding board. The step-by-step process we went through worked really well for me, and is something I'd recommend for anyone feeling they may need to re-evaluate their career.  Bianca's coaching style was great, in that she was nice and down to earth, asking sensible, yet probing questions to really help me think about where I wanted to go.  To anyone looking to work with a coach around their career development, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Bianca.

— A. Viggars

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“I was someone who hadn’t had coaching before and Bianca made me feel comfortable, understood, and that I could be honest. I felt that Bianca was very attentive and always asked the right questions or prompts to help me articulate my thoughts.  I came away from the sessions having learned many new tools and methods which I have been implementing and have already felt the benefits of - I would highly recommend Bianca" 

— Sarah Cruse


"My coaching sessions with Bianca focused on growing my small business, 
Bianca listened to what I had to say and when I felt I had situations that were holding me back, she helped me to take another look at the problem in a different way. Bianca was always respectful I never felt judged she always made me feel I had her full support.
The sessions were so helpful that my business has doubled. I feel I have more structure and control and it's working more efficiently. I would definitely recommend Bianca in the future"

— N. Affonso

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