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Hi, I'm Bianca, I left the corporate world back in 2013 to pursue a career in coaching and have not looked back since. A complete career change and setting up as self-employed seemed daunting and a little scary but if I had stayed where I was I would have been wasting my years in a job I hated which drained my energy.


Fast forward to 2021, I love the fulfilment that coaching brings, and the way it can re-align the thought process to bring about beneficial change. Finally, I'm in a career that is in tune with my values, and when you get that you get happiness at work.

As a mum to a 7 and 8-year-old, I know how hectic life can be, even more so if you are trying to work alongside all the responsibilities that you take on as a mum. Working for myself means I can be flexible and work around the many sports days, plays and after-school clubs - this alone makes it all worth it.


My aim as a coach and mentor is to help those Mums who feel like they don't have the self-belief or confidence to open a new chapter of their life where they become their own boss doing something they feel passionate about, and to prevent them from getting to old age and thinking "If only....." 

If you are considering coaching but not sure it's for you, you can book a free 45-minute clarity call, there is absolutely no hard sell. I only coach people who want to commit to the process, so if you don’t think it's right for you I would never push you to commit. I also (unlike many coaches) offer a refund policy, I am certain you would not need this, but I like to offer it for those who are a little unsure to commit. 


Bianca is easy to talk to and we quickly built good rapport. Her coaching style is patient, authentic and she has a genuine desire to do the best she can for her client. Bianca's coaching has definitely helped me to move forward to achieving my goals and I would definitely recommend her coaching.

- Claire Sterland - 

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