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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Coaching Professional, asking the right questions is very important. Below you will find a compilation of the most common questions I’ve been asked about coaching and the services I provide. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please send me an email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship formed between the coach and the client where the coach uses questioning techniques and tools to help the client explore their ideas, thoughts and fears. This leads to the client identifying solutions and actions so the client achieves their desired goals faster and more effectively than working alone. It focuses on the solutions and future rather than the problem and past.

What are the benefits of being coached?

You create lasting change in your life, develop a new level of personal awareness, have greater ownership and responsibility of your life, this list could go on and on but the main one for me is happiness and contentment with your life, knowing you’re being the best version of you.

Book a free call here;

How is Coaching different to therapy?

Therapy involves the client being given advice and guidance, where the professional is seen as the expert. In coaching the client discovers their best way forward with no guidance, only encouragement from their coach and the coach is seen as a facilitator of learning rather than an expert. Therapy also tends to focus manly on the past where as coaching is more focused on the future and moving forwards.

It should be stressed that life coaching is not a replacement for professional psychological help. If you believe you are suffering from mental health issues, you should speak to your doctor as a first point of contact.

What is the clarity call?

The clarity call is completely free and the intention if for you to find out more about coaching, decide if we are a good match to work together and finally to decide if you'd like to progress with sessions. To book a clarity call please click here.

How long do the sessions last for?

The sessions will last for 60-minutes, except for the free clarity call which is approximately 45-minutes in duration.

What is expected of me?

As the client you must be committed to being coached. To maximise the coaching session you are expected to come to the session fully prepared, you must ensure that the environment you are receiving the call from is free from interruptions and you have allowed enough time for the session. You are also responsible for identifying and writing down your goals and actions and for carrying out such actions.

How often are the sessions?

This is determined by you. You will end the session with a series of actions, so the next session is planned to give you the right amount of time to complete these. You are in control of the pace. 

Most clients typically leave a week or two weeks between sessions.

Are the sessions confidential?

All coaching sessions are completely confidential. Bianca Bond Coaching agrees and complies to the Coaching Code of Conduct (copies available on request) and only in extreme circumstances will this confidence be breached. This includes the intent to cause harm to yourself or others or criminal acts.

What happens if we finish before we use all the planned sessions?

This is absolutely fine, you have 3 options:

  • You can bank the sessions for future use 

  • You can gift the sessions to a friend

  • You can receive a refund for the remaining sessions left


See my refund policy here.

What if I don't think coaching is for me after the first session?

If you are not completely satisfied after the first session and you have booked a package I will offer 100% refund including that session. However this is not applicable if you have booked the stand alone 1 hour coaching session. Click here to see my refund policy.

What are your qualifications?

I have an A'level in Psychology. I’m a graduate of the Coaching Academy and hold their certificate in Personal Coaching and their diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.


If you want to; find out more, start coaching or you have any additional questions then get in touch.

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