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Do you feel a bit stuck when it comes to your career? Maybe you have been in the same job for years? or you are a stay-at-home mum looking for more?  You'd love to start up your own business but you feel it's too much of a risk/ you wouldn't know how to/ you are too scared to try something new/ what would people think.... whatever your excuse, reason the more you tell yourself these things the more time passes and next you will be telling yourself it's too late.

What if I told you that with a positive mindset and commitment you can achieve anything.

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I find it incredible to reflect that in the course of five months, I have transitioned from feeling trapped to feeling liberated, confident and firmly on a new career path which has limitless opportunities. 

- Sara, East Herts -

How can I help YOU?

Through coaching and mentoring I will support you to develop your mindset to one where you believe in yourself, realise your worth and bring ambition back into your life. 


I help you to create this so that you can;

  • kick start that business idea

  • create a working life around your family life

  • feel driven earning money from something you enjoy

  • become your own boss

  • live with no regrets

  • gain personal growth and a sense of achievement

  • decide how much or how little you work - never miss special events with the kiddies

  • become a great role model for your children

I know you can achieve this because I have been there. I once worked as a Senior Scientist at a large pharmaceutical company.... and now I'm a life coach!

I have also helped many clients who were plodding along in a job they thought they would see through until retirement, but with coaching, they are refreshed, re-energised and running their own business which they love and feel passionate about. See here for case studies.

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If you change your mindset, you have the ability to change your whole world

- Damien Thomas-

What should you expect from working with me?

I essentially become your champion! Regardless of whether you have a business idea already, or have many ideas but are unclear on what to do, we will together devise a way forward.


You will have tools and exercises to work through, you need to be open to trying new ways of thinking and committed to taking action and wanting the change.


As my client, you will be accountable to me which helps you complete actions and drive yourself forward to keep you on track. I am there to support you, advise you (as a mentor), keep you motivated. I will also keep you focussed and ultimately guide you on the road to your destination arriving there much quicker and more efficiently than attempting this journey alone.

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Bianca is a great listener. She takes time to clarify and fully understand the options and challenges I face in order to highlight unhelpful patterns and guide me through alternatives.

- Sarita Wellbeing, Ware - 

Single session

3-Month Transition

6-Month Transition

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